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About us

About Markteffect

On this page you'll find information about who we are, what we stand for and how we can help you with your research. We are a full-service market research company based in the Netherlands. We would like to tell you a little bit about ourselves and how you can reach us. 

Who we are
Markteffect is a full-service market research company actively operating in over 60 countries. We are one of the leading market research companies in the Netherlands with a team of 50 driven professionals, who are specialised in both qualitive and quantitative research. Our company's roots can be found in Eindhoven, where we're still located to this day. 
Our enthusiastic team works with organisations day in, day out, to help with their research questions. We strongly believe that every research objective is unique, which is why we are always able to empathise with your organisations’ research questions. We are an innovative and enterprising company with service-oriented solutions to your market research requirements.

Certified & Awarded
Markteffect is an ISO certified market research company. We meet the requirements for ISO 9001; ISO 20252; ISO 27001. We are also recognized by the Dutch branch organisation "Expertise Centre for Marketing Insights, Research & Analytics" (MOA). In 2020 MOA awarded us with the proclaimed award "Best Market Research Agency of 2020".
Markteffect has enjoyed rapid growth for several years now. This growth eventually led to the formation of the ME Research Group. Direct Research joined the group in 2019, and more recently in April of 2020 Team Vier joined the family. Our exponential growth has not gone unnoticed: For seven years we've been honored with the FD Gazellen award, which is given to companies who are one of the fastest-growing organisations in the Netherlands. In 2020 we were gifted this honor, alongside the silver distinction for being the second fastest growing company within our category.


"Our mission is to make organizations even more successful with strategic advice based on market research. We are a solution-oriented and enterprising partner for all of our clients."

On the importance of the "Best Market Research Agency of 2020" award:
"The MOA award is like the Champions League for us, the highest achievable boyhood dream. We could never have imagined this when we founded Markteffect and now we have it. What a fantastic reward! ”

Edgar de Beule, Co-Founder

The ME Research group consists of two market research agencies (Markteffect, DirectResearch) and one dataplatform (Response2Data).


"It's nice to see that when a client comes to the office, everyone will greet them and have a small chat. Out of curiosity, just like you would when friends come over."

Hesam Fahimi, Co-Founder

What we do
Markteffect is specialised in research within seven different branches:

  • B2C-research; 
  • B2B-research; 
  • Healthcare;
  • Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG); 
  • Leisure;
  • Education; 
  • Sports marketing.

    We firmly believe that a country’s borders do not limit the possibilities. With our expertise and knowledge, we will be able to help you achieve your goals and objectives.

Curious what we can do for you?

Local, National, International, Dutch, English, Multilingual - we have a solution for your research needs.

Reach out to us via 

One of our client consultants will contact you to discuss your research proposal.

Who we work for
Markteffect has partners in several different countries. Below you will find a number of international organisations that we have had the pleasure of working for.

For Umbro we investigated the effects of sports sponsorships for a number of European football clubs in several countries all across Europe, Asia and South America.

For the NN Group we continually survey their reputation, image and consideration in 13 countries. We conduct this research multiple times a year using our own and external panels. This way we can give NN continues insight in their score and their competitive position.

For Bugaboo we tracked the customer satisfaction of all business customers across Europe, through an online survey in several different languages.

For Stork we investigated the employee satisfaction in over 100 countries, both in their offices and on their offshore drilling platforms by thorough online research and personalised paper questionnaires.

Curious what we can do for you?

Please contact us by e-mail: /

or call us at: +3140 239 22 90

Michael Petit
Manager Marketing & Consultant